Waiting on the mail

Things have been a bit hectic lately; mostly at work but it has caused some spillover into my non-work life. It makes me sad to have started this blog and then been unable to post. I’ve finished 2 more V. C. Andrews books that I want to blog about, along with a couple other things. For tonight, though, I thought I’d mention one thing.

I’ve been hearing about The Dust of 100 Dogs for some time now, and have been dying to read it. I forgot the release date in the midst of everything else and realized this weekend that it was out. I did some searching around via the internet and phone only to discover it is sold out everywhere. Awesome for A. S. King; sucks for me. So I ordered it from Amazon tonight. Hopefully they will be speedy with the shipping and it will arrive soon. 

I am also waiting on an order at work that contains Envy, the newest Luxe novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two and have been looking forward to reading the third.

More than a few times, I’ve been told by other teachers at work that maybe they should quit teaching and become librarians so they can be around books all day. I always laugh and tell them that the books are such a minor part of my job. If I had as much time to read as these other people think I did, I would truly be well-read! I’m not sure why they think we do nothing but read all day since I’ve never had someone walk in and see me reading. I’m ready for some down time so I can catch up on reading and maybe find the time to blog about it! We have to be due for more snow still!


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