Here’s where those dog ears come in

I have been so wrapped up in a research project that starts Wednesday, among other life stuff, I am weeks behind in news, whether it’s the bailout or pop culture. I realized tonight that the Westminster Dog Show starts tonight. I love the dog show. It’s my World Series, done over 2 nights. One of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was tickets to the show when we lived in NYC. I’m watching part of the show now, but will have to retire soon and watch the rest tomorrow evening while I work on this project.

One thing I like about the WKC show – the show itself may be devoted to pure-breed dogs, but they make sure to give attention to those lovable mutts (aren’t we all mutts?). They run Pedigree “Dogs Rule” commercials. David Duchovny voices many of these, and they always make me cry. (But then they make me laugh when he says, “I’m pretty sure C is for chicken.” The way he says chicken makes me giggle. I wish I could make my phone ringer him saying chicken.) Thank goodness I don’t have the same reaction when we watch Californication (with the crying, not the laughing at chicken). They also talk a lot about pet therapy, which requires a good personality, not a bloodline.

Unfortunately, for now, I must get to bed, hours before the first night in complete, and many favorite dogs to be cheered for.


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