Oscars 2009

This post has nothing to do with books or libraries! Is anyone excited about the Oscars? I love them! While others get excited about the Super Bowl or the World Series or March Madness, my two favorite events are the Oscars and the Westminster Dog Show. Unfortunately, these two events happen about two weeks apart from each other, so I wait all year for a short period of time.

We always watch the Oscars with another couple we’re good friends with, and we always place bets on who will get the most categories right. For a few years, I had it locked up, but the past few years, I’ve not been so good. Whether I win or not, I love the show. I tear up many times during each broadcast – the montages always highlight what it is I love about the movies. Watching the “In Memorium” reminds me of what was lost over the past year – not just lives but moments and opportunities and time. There is always someone who makes a fantastic speech.  I love that everyone still gets all decked out for it. I get angry if Tom Cruise makes an appearance and I am very vocal about that anger.

I always try to catch as many nominated pictures as possible, although I never do a very good job. What Oscar movies have you seen? My list:

Slumdog Millionaire
The Visitor
The Curious Case on Ben Button
Tropic Thunder
The Dark Knight
Revolutionary Road
Rachel Getting Married
The Reader
The Duchess
Man on Wire
Iron Man
In Bruges

Presto is one of the nominated animated shorts. I found that one on You Tube. The other shorts – animated and live action – are on iTunes and I plan on watching them all tomorrow. I like that iTunes puts them out every year and don’t mind spending the money to support the artists (and iTunes for making the effort).  It’s fun to know what is involved in categories many see as minor.

Also, TV Guide has posted an amusing Oscar drinking game for this year.

Edited to add post-Oscars: I ended up gettin 19 out of 24 Oscar picks right! I won our betting pool at the Oscar gathering. So happy for Kate Winslet!


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One response to “Oscars 2009

  1. Hope you win in your Oscar betting!
    Miss you, Carrie.

    Oh and I finally added you to my blogroll. Sorry for the delay. xx.

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