Trying to read The Fetch

I’ve been reading The Fetch for two days now. I’m only on page 46. Can you tell I’m having a difficult time? I was really excited when I read the synopsis and thought it sounded great. Then, when I started it, I saw on the cover that it’s the same author who wrote A Certain Slant of Light, which I was not very taken with. I read some reviews of The Fetch to try to motivate myself – people say that if you can get through the first part, it’s worth it. But I just finished Ten Cents a Dance (review coming soon) and The Dust of 100 Dogs and loved both so much, it’s hard to feel like The Fetch is worth my time. I kind of need a book I can lose myself in right now, and so far The Fetch isn’t doing it for me.


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  1. dogearedandwellread

    I totally gave up on this one within a day after writing this post. Oh well, no book fits every person.

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