Life Sucks by Abel, Soria, and Pleece


Life Sucks is a graphic novel co-written by Jessica Abel and Gabe Soria, and drawn by Warren Pleece. Dave is the night manager for the Last Stop, a convenience store in LA. He is crushing on Rosa, a gorgeous girl who frequents the goth club that is located in the same strip mall as the Last Stop. Unfortunately, Rosa has a pretend-vampire goth boyfriend. Rosa is unaware that Dave is a real vampire, turned by the owner of the Last Stop in order to make him the best night manager possible. Dave and Rosa start to become friends, but he ends up having to compete for her attention against the surfer vampire Wes.

Life Sucks is like Clerks meets Twilight – only because vampire Dave refuses to kill people like Edward. It’s funny to see where Dave gets his nourishment – obviously not from animals like Edward. It’s much more like Clerks, with Dave stuck in his convenience store job, with his friend who closes up shop to visit him. It’s a very fun read, lots of smart humor. The illustrations are great. Definitely one I would have no problems recommending to guy or girl readers – there is enough here to appeal to all. 

4 stars

I’m only beginning to get into the graphic novel world, thanks to suggestions from YALSA’s Young Adult Literature Symposium I attended in November. I’ve bought a lot of manga for my library but I don’t read it. I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. Life Sucks and Skim are the types of graphic novels I can get in to and enjoy, and I look forward to finding more.


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