Seeds of Yesterday by V. C. Andrews

Book 4 in:


Seeds of Yesterday picks up about 15 years or so after If There Be Thorns. Corinne left Foxworth Hall and all her money to her grandson Bart when she died. She was in the process of having it rebuilt after the fire that killed her mother and husband, and it was decided that this would continue so that one day, Bart could live there. In the meantime, Chris has been managing Bart’s inheritance while he and Cathy got Bart some serious mental help after the craziness in the last book. Now, 15 years later, Bart is found to be of sound mental health and has completed college at the head of his class. He is about to turn 25 and has invited his entire family, along with every rich person he knows, to celebrate at a big party he is throwing at Foxworth Hall, where he is now living. 25 is due to be a big age for him as he believes that this is when he will finally take possession of his inheritance, and he dreams of being as wealthy and powerful as Malcolm Foxworth once was. Chris and Cathy agree to come, despite Cathy’s fear of the house that once held her hostage, Cindy arrives after she’s completed her junior year of high school, and Jory arrives with his wife Melanie, fresh off a world ballet tour.

Despite the years, nothing has changed. Bart is still obsessive and creepy and dislikes his siblings. Despite this, Jory agrees to perform a ballet piece at Bart’s party, with Cindy filling in as his partner due to Melanie’s pregnancy. At the end of the performance, a set piece falls on Jory, leaving him paralyzed. His wife is devastated at losing what she most loved in Jory, and begins an affair with Bart for comfort. A long lost relative has also shown up – Joel, a brother of Corinne’s, long believed dead. He is as creepy as Bart and the two of them creep around the house together, saying nasty things to their family members. Jory eventually comes home from the hospital and his marriage continues to crumble as his wife’s pregnancy grows. After a disastrous Christmas, Melanie gives birth to twins – a blonde boy and girl. They are named Darren and Deirdre, but Cathy only sees her lost sibling twins, Carrie and Cory, when she looks at them. Melanie soon takes off to NYC, leaving the twins for Jory and his family.

To make an already long story a little shorter, the book goes on for many pages while not much happens. The twins grow while Bart and Joel grow creepier. Cindy is caught more than once having sex. Cathy misses Chris as he has taken a job doing research and only is home on the weekends. A nurse is hired to care for Jory and the twins and first has an affair with Bart before falling in love with Jory. I’ll not spoil the end, except to say that the series is pretty much wrapped up in a bittersweet but satisfying way.

This book was better than If There Be Thorns, a lot faster to get through even if there are chunks of inaction. I find Cathy to be such a weird character – she seems to have some sort of weird pride when she sees Cindy prance around in skimpy clothes. I’m not a mother, but I don’t know a lot of mothers who would feel that way. It’s slightly irritating the way almost everyone hates being in the house, but no one will move out, but the appreciation for the luxuries of the house is a bit understandable. I found myself waiting throughout the books for a big reveal scene where Cathy returns to the space where she was once held captive. The payoff that finally comes is satisfying and sad, but I had a hard time believing that in all the years of living in the house, it takes her as long as it did to finally go up there.

One more book in this series to go – Garden of Shadows. I’m looking forward to finding out the events leading up to FITA and any last secrets about this messed-up family!


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  1. That was so good! You did an awesome job recapping and making interesting a book that I’ve always pretty much hated.

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