While it’s not about books, I just have to mention how much I loved Adventureland. I went to see it yesterday and already want to see it again. It does have funny moments, but you should not go expecting another Superbad, despite the connection. It’s more of a coming-of-age story. It’s realistic, with the stuff that makes life difficult included, but not in a way that is WAY too dramatical.

Jesse Eisenberg shares some of Michael Cera’s mannerisms and vocal inflections. There was one point where his character asks someone to not touch him or not touch something and I was taken out of the moment because he sounded so much like another actor, and I literally sat there for a minute, scrolling through my mental Rolodex of tv shows, trying to compare him to characters before I realized it was Michael Cera, who was fresh in my mind from recently watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (cute but no where near as good as the book). But having watched Jesse a lot longer than Michael’s been around in a big way (I’ve been fans of Jesse and Anne Hathaway since the short lived sitcom Get Real) I know it’s him and he’s not just copying Michael.

KStew does use the same mannerisms that she relies on for Bella, but I liked her in this as could see why Jesse’s character (and others) liked her.

Anyways, it’s good. My husband enjoyed it too, although not quite as much as I did. I also liked the music. Set in 1987, they use 80’s music but not the stereotypical overplayed 80’s crap that makes me want to drive stakes in my ears. I can safely say it’s my favorite movie I have seen so far in 2009.


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