Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott


Hannah has grown up trying to fly under the radar, with limited success. Her mother was once the girlfriend of a Hugh Hefner-type, who just happens to be Hannah’s dad. The relationship between her parents has long been over, but her mom is still living off of it by running a website where she holds live chats with fans while wearing skimpy clothing. When Hannah was younger, she tried to maintain a relationship with her dad, but that didn’t work out either. Unfortunately, the celebrity of her parents draws unwanted attention to Hannah at school. She tries to fade into the background – even her clothes reflect how she is trying to hide herself. Hannah is able to escape from her life and her mom’s at-home business when she goes to her own job, where she crushes on co-worker Josh from afar and bickers with her other co-worker, Finn. Josh is starting to notice her, but Hannah doesn’t quite know how to handle the attention. Things only grow more complicated when her dad tries to convince her to visit him. Does he truly want to reconnect or is it just a ratings ploy for his reality show?

The only other Elizabeth Scott novel I have read thus far is Living Dead Girl, which is really good in a heartbreaking way. I love that these two books both come from the same author. Some authors tend to write the same kind of novel, and there is nothing wrong with that – most of my favorite authors fall into that category, which is probably why they are a favorite – I can depend on their work. Some authors do try to mix up the types of stories they tell, but this does not always result in success. Elizabeth Scott proves she can tell different stories very well. What it boils down to is the realism of the characters. As you learn about Hannah’s life, you understand exactly how she became the person she is. She is a unique person, flaws and all. I love that despite her mother’s flaws, she still deeply loves her mom and nothing else is as important as that. I loved the romance storyline and ADORED Finn. Can Finn please have his own book? 

I would definitely recommend this book. It’s fun but still contains a serious note, and the different storylines keep you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen to Hannah next. 

4 stars

Elizabeth Scott can be found blogging at her website.



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3 responses to “Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

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  2. That book looks realli good!!

    I have been wanting to read “Living Dead Girl” for a while now I REALLI want to read Something, Maybe!!

    Great review! Keep it up!

    Wdebo 🙂

  3. dogearedandwellread

    They are both great books! I highly recommend them!

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