Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson


Lauren Henderson continues the story of Scarlett Wakefield in Kisses and Lies, which picks up where Kiss Me, Kill Me left off. Scarlett had figured out who knew Dan’s death was not her fault, but she still hasn’t learned who actually caused it. Scarlett and Taylor continue to dig deeper and learn about a connection between Dan’s death and a designer handbag. But who exactly was the owner of the handbag at the time of Dan’s death? The investigation leads Scarlett to the Scotland home of Dan’s family. Will the answers lie within their castle?

I enjoyed the development of Scarlett’s character in Kisses and Lies. She has found comfort knowing that she did not cause Dan to die, and it allows her to feel better about herself and develop her flirtation with the school gardener’s son. This romance adds a spice to the story. It’s fun to try to solve the mystery by Scarlett’s side. I loved how loyal Taylor has become to Scarlett.

By the end of the story, the mystery of Dan’s death has been solved, but Scarlett gets thrown for a loop at the school she has felt was her safe haven thus far. I can only imagine that there Henderson, and I look forward to it!



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