Misc pop culture in mid-May

Do you watch Lost? WOW!!! What an awesome finale! Can’t wait to see the final year!


I LOVE Scrubs, have watched it from day 1, own the dvds and watch them, but I am not on board with another season. I think this past season was excellent and they should have ended it there. Go out on top, don’t trickle out in tiny flames.


I watched the pilot for Glee tonight. LOVED it! So freaking good! I know it’s only one episode, but I am already ranking it with Friday Night Lights and Everwood. Of course, that means it has a long way to fall if it’s not good, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Most other tv, I am either behind on or feeling eh. But there are a ton of movies I want to see, a stack of book reviews that need to be written (sorry, it’s been a busy month), and an ever bigger stack of books to read! I’ll be working on catching up in the next few weeks.


Just watched the trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movies. I have never read a book or seen anything associated with it, so I am not a purist, but it looks totally fun!


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  1. I watched the Sherlock Holmes trailer the other day too – it does look fun! I, being the mystery fangrrrl I am, have read lots of Sherlock and am just slightly obssessed with everything related to him. Including novels that have been written in the last 10 years with him as the central character (Michael Chabon’s The Final Solution, which was awesome and had Holmes befriending a boy and helping him find out the truth about a nasty murder and the boy’s past; and Mitch Cullin’s A Slight Trick of the Mind, which was all about Holmes in his extreme old age, moving fluidly between his regular brilliant mind and his more senile moments, very touching and tender and sad).

    This movie looks…really nothing like that traditional depiction of Sherlock, but I don’t care. It looks highly entertaining and I will definitely watch it!

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