Summer Goal – Infinite Jest

Years ago, when it first came out, I bought Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, and then never got around to reading it. Thanks to this site, I now have a goal to accomplish this summer.

It’s not YA lit, but is anyone else going to join?



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5 responses to “Summer Goal – Infinite Jest

  1. Mel is brow-beating me to join. And the book *is* on my Fill-in-the-Gaps list…I just might do it. I don’t know. Undecided still.

  2. Jenn

    I tried to read it back in the summer of ’99. Didn’t get through it. The foot/endnotes were what bogged me down.
    DFW was my college Lit professor and I really ought to give it another go.
    I’m deep in a John Irving right now. Maybe if I slam through that…
    I guess I could try in another 10 years if I don’t get through it again. 😉

  3. dogearedandwellread

    Jen and Jenn, I think you should both read it!

  4. Jenn

    what, and you aren’t going to join?

  5. dogearedandwellread

    I totally am! I just don’t think I should do it by myself. 🙂

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