Not Everyone Wants To Be a Princess

I’m planning to see the new Pixar film Up today. I hadn’t wanted to see it, despite my love for most of Pixar’s films, but once I started reading reviews, it won me over. The dog, the replay of the old man’s marriage, the bird…it all sounds appealing being described by reviewers. I haven’t decided whether to see it in 3-D or not yet. It will probably be decided by what time is best for me to get to.

NPR posted this article in their Facebook feed the other day, and I’ve been passing it on. Linda Holmes is asking Pixar to please make a movie with a lead female character who is not a princess. If Ms. Holmes was circulating a petition, I would add my name to it as fast as I could sign. Despite how far society has come with gender equality (although never far enough), it is disheartening that when it comes to children’s movies, the majority of main female characters are princesses. I remember loving all those Disney movies as a kid, and playing my fair share of dress up, but I don’t remember princesses being such a big focus as they are now with the whole Disney princess merchandising. I also remember wanting to dance like Nancy in Oliver! and wear handkerchiefs on my head like the daughters in Fiddler on the Roof. (Yes, musicals were a big form of entertainment in my childhood.) I wonder who little girls look to now besides the princesses. Hannah Montana? Still a bit of a modern princess with her fame and money. I’d love to see Pixar (or Disney or anyone else) do a family/children’s movie with a lead female who isn’t a princess. And don’t remake Harriet the Spy – it’s been made once, let’s be more original.


I am sorry posting has been so light the past month. Once of those times when life just gets in the way. School is over in 2 weeks, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. I hope to catch up on posts soon; I’m running 4 books behind on reviews.


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