Infinite Jest Page 95


I am right on schedule with Infinite Summer, reaching page 95 today in Infinite Jest. So far, I’m enjoying it. There have been some paragraphs where I kind of let my mind wander, or let my eyes skim. I am hoping I haven’t missed anything important, but one of the writers over at IS said you never can catch everything on the first read through anyway. I am particularly interested in the characters of Hal and Katherine Ann Gompert, and this mysterious cartridge. DFW introduces a lot of characters and story lines, which I can only assume will eventually start to merge together. I’m very glad to have IS to remind me of who different characters are, and the forums for any questions. I haven’t posted there yet, just lurked, but they are beneficial.

Thus far, I have been able to balance IJ with other books – reading it in chunks for an hour or so, and then reading the “lighter” YA lit I so love the rest of the time. (I put lighter in quotes since YA lit is not always a light subject matter, it just tends to be light in terms of physical book weight, pace, and vocab.) I’m currently reading Susane Colasanti’s Take Me There which I will review eventually, but will say right now that I have had mixed feelings about.


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