Have you read Uglies yet?

If you haven’t read Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies yet, for the next month you can download it free in pdf format! Uglies is awesome. This is a short review I wrote on Good Reads 2 years ago:

Uglies is set in a future society where, at age 16, everyone undergoes an operation that makes them look similar – pretty according to research done on symmetry and what is pleasing to the eye. These people are called Pretties, and for the first few years after you have the surgery, you do nothing but party all the time. Until you have the surgery, you are known as an Ugly. Uglies can’t wait to turn, and waste time until then doing tricks and learning how to ride hoverboards. Tally, the main character, is an Ugly, who can’t wait till her 16th birthday. She becomes friends with Shay, who will turn 16 at the same time. Shay tells her about a secret society some people run away to, where you never have the surgery. She wants to run and wants Tally to come, but Tally refuses and Shay leaves. But Tally is soon forced to go find her.

The book is really fast paced, I couldn’t get my nose out of it! I’m not normally into sci-fi, but this is really interesting, especially because you can imagine it happening based on our current culture. What’s really interesting is that our society as we know it no longer exists, all that’s left is rusted metal ruins from our buildings and cars, and they call us The Rusties. We all died out when a virus attacked the gasoline we depend on. This is the first in a trilogy, I definitely recommend it.


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