Lost in Austen


This was a mini series made in the UK about a modern girl who discovers Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice coming into her apartment through a door in her bathroom. The two girls switch places, and Amanda starts to try to orchestrate everyone to follow the plot of Pride and Prejudice. This doesn’t work out so well since Elizabeth isn’t there and attractions start to work out differently. It’s several hours long, and I’m not sure how much someone would really enjoy it if you aren’t familiar with the book, but fun for P&P fans! I rented this via Netflix, although I heard about others finding it on tv now.



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2 responses to “Lost in Austen

  1. I love this show, all P & P fans should check it out!

  2. Jenn

    I saw the pilot and really liked it. (love Jemma who plays the lead!) Glad to know it’s on dvd so i don’t have to torrent!

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