David Gray tonight!

We’re headed to PA to see David Gray tonight.  He’s been my favorite singer since White Ladder.  I think this is the 5th time I’m seeing him.  I saw him first at Radio City in NYC for the White Ladder tour.  I know I saw him at least once when he released A New Day At Midnight, and then I saw him twice on the Life in Slow Motion tour – once at the 9:30 Club (probably my favorite since it was so intimate) and once at DAR Constitution Hall.

I have to admit that as I’ve gotten older, I find myself listening to less music.  NPR is on the radio most of the time, whether at home or in the car.  David Gray is the one singer I never tire of and can just listen to over and over.  He got me through a lot of late nights during grad school.  I walked down the aisle to marry my husband as his “January Rain” played.  I’ve even instructed my husband that he must play a couple of his songs at my memorial service when I die.

His newest album, Draw the Line, has been out for a month now.  Mr. Gray has said this album is different from the rest – he is working with several new people, and he stepped out of his personal life to find inspiration for the songs.  It is evident in the music, and while it’s a well put together album, I will say it’s not destined to be a favorite of mine.  I love “Jackdaw” and I also really like “Kathleen.”  I don’t like “Full Steam” but I think part of that is due to Annie Lenox – her voice has always driven me crazy.  She isn’t touring with him, so I am interested in seeing if he does the song and what it sounds like without him.

I would love to hear him sing “World to Me” and I’d REALLY love to see him reach back beyond White Ladder and do some stuff from his 3 earlier albums.  “Gathering Dust” and ‘Forever is Tomorrow is Today” might be my favorites and I’ve never heard him sing either live.  I’d also particularly love to hear him sing “Coming Down,” “Late Night Radio,” “Shine,” “Wisdom,” “Bird Without Wings,” and “As I’m Leaving.”

Regardless of what he plays, I’m sure I’ll love it.  He has the ability to make me like songs when I hear them live even if I didn’t like them on a cd.  Something always moves me to tears each concert (usually “Freedom”) and something always gets me dancing (usually “Please Forgive Me”) so I am super excited! It’s been far too long since I had a David Gray fix!


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  1. “This Years Love,” how I love thee … Have an amazing time–concerts rock my world!

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