Breaking Up With a TV Show

As with any good pop culture lover, TV shows are near and dear to my heart.  I honestly watch too much TV.  Trying to stay on top of it can get difficult.  I only picked up one new show this year, Glee, because I watch too much.  So I am sad that it has come to this, but I must break up with 2 shows.

1. Dollhouse – I’m a Joss Whedon sometimes-fan.  I love Buffy.  Angel was okay.  Never could get in to Firefly/Serenity.  Love Dr. Horrible.  So of course I was willing to give Dollhouse a try.  I watched all last season, despite the fact that I wasn’t loving it.  So when I started to turn a blind eye to the new episodes this season piling up on the DVR, I had to admit to myself that my heart just isn’t in it.  Sorry, Joss.  Goodbye, Dollhouse.

2. Ugly Betty – I think American Ferrera is adorable.  I love the nephew on the show.  Marc and Amanda are awesome.  But I just can’t.  Not anymore.  Farewell, Betty.

Dexter, I’m hoping I can avoid getting to that point with you, but it’s not looking like a healthy relationship for much longer.

Have you broken up with any shows this season?



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2 responses to “Breaking Up With a TV Show

  1. I’m contemplating a breakup with Brothers and Sisters. I broke up with FlashForward before I ever started watching it. But my only real breakup this year was with Fringe. I love Joshua Jackson something hardcore, but it just got too sci-fi for me.

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