Garage Band by Gipi


Garage Band by Gipi: Read in September, 2009, copy purchased for my high school library

From Good Reads:

Four boys with turbulent home lives find refuge in the music they play together and in their friendship.When their only amp blows a fuse and the deadline to make their demo tape is pressing, they decide to steal in order to replace it. Events rapidly spiral out of control: will this be the end of everything the bands worked for?

I have to admit that this graphic novel by Gipi left me feeling “eh.”  I didn’t hate Garage Band, but nothing really stuck out for me.  I honestly don’t even really have much to say about it.  The illustrations didn’t grab me either, but I think it is the style of them.  The way the characters are drawn made me recall the illustrations in Harriet the Spy, which I always found creepy as a kid (loved the rest of the book, though).  I do think there will be people who enjoy this, so take my opinion on it for what it is worth – not much at all.


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