Rethinking Ratings

Recently, I’ve been rethinking using the star rating system.  I have even not assigned a star rating to recent reviews, not sure if it has been noticed or not.  Good Reads uses stars, and I’ve found myself changing the rating I assigned as time passes after I have read a book.  For example, when I first read The Hunger Games, I liked it but didn’t LOVE it.  After reading Catching Fire, my opinion on THG rose.  My initial reaction after finishing Twilight was OMG because I couldn’t put it down, but over time the weaknesses of the book(s) have dulled my feelings toward the book/series.  I have to admit that I have even gone back to a few old reviews on this blog and changed one or two ratings because of my change in feelings over time.  I have never touched the text of the posts (except for a few minor spelling and grammar errors) – those thoughts don’t change; it’s just been the star rating.  Which is why I am considering abandoning that part of my reviews.  If written well enough, my thoughts and feelings on the books should be clear enough without needing to assign the book a certain number of stars.

So I think I won’t be assigning ratings for a while to see how it goes.  If you read blog reviews, do star ratings matter to you?



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2 responses to “Rethinking Ratings

  1. I don’t usually pay attention to a star rating or number rating. I look more so at the content of the review to determine whether or not a book is something I will like. Everybody looks for something different in the books they read so I like to look beyond the star, number, or letter ratings.

    On sites like Good Reads or Shelfari I find myself constantly changing my ratings!

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