Buy Books for the Holidays!

How did it take me until now to learn about the blog Buy Books for the Holidays?  Where have I been?  As you start your holiday shopping lists, do you add books for adults?  It’s always fun to buy for kids, but not everyone is comfortable buying books for adults, and the BBftH blog addresses that!  I recommend checking it out to get some inspiration, and keep going back because it sounds like they have lots of plans for the holiday season, including suggestions and shopping lists.

The best part of the blog?  They will be letting readers know about literacy charities you can support to share joy of reading with those in need.  I already can think of several people that I think I will give a Donor’s Choose card instead of a physical gift.  With the economy the way it has been the past year, there are many who are re-thinking consumerism and holiday spending.  Rather than blow a lot of money or increase credit card debt, a lot of people will be wanting to focus on what counts – two things that count a lot are helping those in need and giving gifts that will enrich someone’s life.   I think BBftH can help if you want to investigate those options this year.


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