Thursday Tidbits and Commenting

A few quick tidbits for a Thursday:

  • I’ve made my love for Up pretty clear already, and yes, I did splurge on the Blu-Ray version of the DVD.  All 3 DVD packages were $19.99 at Target, so I figured I might as well get the Blu-Ray set for the same amount of money.  If you plan to buy the DVD but haven’t yet, a friend of mine gave me this coupon, although I’m not sure how long it will last.
  • I have one more Up-related thing and then I’ll try to move on.  Have you seen these retro posters Disney has released to promote Up? I lovelovelove them!  They recall the retro posters Disneyland has in the entrance tunnel to promote the rides, which I also love.  I actually bought the Pirates and Haunted Mansion posters several years ago, but still need to get them framed.
  • You should watch Pigeon: Impossible over at EW.  It is awesome.  I hope to see it nominated for a Best Animated Short when the Oscars roll around.
  • Are you on Google Wave?  I just received an invite yesterday so I’m new on it, but if you are, let me know!  Comment or send me an email at dogearedandwellread (AT) gmail DOT com.

My last thought is on commenting, which I had planned for a separate blog post but decided to just smoosh this stuff together.  What are your thoughts on blog commenting?  One thing discussed at the Kidlitosphere Conference was the importance of commenting, both as a way to grow your blog audience and also as a contributor in the community.  After the con, I beat myself up a bit in my head about this, until I saw Liz’s Teacozy post about this same thing last month, and I’ve been pondering it all since.  Like Liz, I cannot comment at work.  I read many blogs at work through a reader because all blogging sites are filtered out.  It is next to impossible for me to then remember to go to a site usually read through a reader at home to comment hours or days later.

Also, like Liz, I have never been one to comment just to say “Great post!” or “Me too!”  It is as annoying as the “First!” comments that appear on large blogs.  I like using the “Like” button on FB because it lets me feel like I’m expressing a show of support or me-too without wasting words, and I wish all blogs had something similar.

I think a third reason I don’t comment is because that’s not a built-in reaction for me when reading something.  Since learning to read, when I read a book or magazine, I don’t write a letter to every author just to say, “Great job!”  Instead I’ll ponder it a while, maybe recommend it to someone or buy a copy to pass on.  Voicing my opinion only became a reality as an adult with message boards and sites like Good Reads, and finally my blog, but I am still using these things more as a way to get the word out about something, not to respond to an author. I was glad that Liz spoke up because it has made me feel less like a bad community member to be a quiet reader and only occasional commenter.  I’d be interested to hear other opinions on the matter.



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3 responses to “Thursday Tidbits and Commenting

  1. You raise some excellent points about commenting. My frustration is leaving a comment and then forgetting to go back to the conversation. Some platforms let you “follow” so you can get emails, others don’t. Frankly, it’s the email followups that drive me nuts with FB.

    Commenting seriously slows down my reading, but I think it’s important to appreciate each others’ work … at least once in a while. Those of us at the Kidlitosphere Conference do this for the love of the book, with our *free* time, so I an “atta girl (or boy)” periodically is nice validation when you’ve come down with the blog flu.

    FWIW – I sometimes star something that REALLY stands out and go back “after hours” to comment.

  2. I feel like I’m cheating when I read blogs at work, but when I go through them in my google reader, it goes pretty fast. Plus, we’re librarians, so it’s okay to read what librarians are saying about books, right? The commenting, as you say, bumps it up to the next level, time-wise, and yet I’m going to make make a point of leaving at least a few comments on people’s blogs over the course of a week. It’s always nice to know that someone’s actually reading what you’ve posted.

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