7 Kreativ Bloggers

I’m passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to the following:

1. Jen at Corrodentia Weekly – Jen is a friend of mine who blogs on a weekly basis (or so).  I love reading her insights and the different books she reads.

2. Pam at Haute Mamma Wannabe – Pam is an internet friend who blogs about her life – everything from her daughter to fashion and workouts. I love keeping up with everything her daughter is up to!

3. Dena blogs at The Powell Family where she also writes about her life and her 2 adorable children. She is also super creative and has a site where she sells a variety of embroidered items at Written in Thread.

4. My friend Kristen at The Reluctant Hausfrau – another mom who blogs!

5. Jess at Say What?

6. Jen at The Next Kid Thing – an awesome mom who’s creating her dream job

7. You! If you have never won this award before – take it! Pass it on!


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One response to “7 Kreativ Bloggers

  1. Yay! Thanks for the award 🙂

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