Thursday Tidbits

I’ve gotten a little behind this week, so posting has been content-lite this week.  Hopefully next week, I’ll be back on track. For now, a couple thing:

  • A ten tear old Arkansas boy has decided not to say the pledge until we truly have “liberty and justice for all” through the freedom for all to marry.  CNN interviewed him, and he’s an articulate, serious kid, who also happens to be wearing an awesome shirt.
  • I have to take my dog Jake back to the vet today.  He was diagnosed with arthritis earlier in the fall and has been on Rimadyl.  This worked for a while, but he’s back to limping again.  I’m trying not to worry as he seems to be fine besides limping – he eats, still runs around, bringing us balls and ropes, barks at everyone who walks by.  It isn’t affecting his quality of life – yet.  I don’t know what the vet will suggest, so I need to wait and see.  He’ll be 8 this January, which is getting up there for a dog, but he’s a 60 pound mutt, so he should have several more good years left in him, and I want to keep him around as long as possible.
  • I saw the film Precious this past weekend.  It is a good movie – well acted, emotional, and sure to receive some Oscar nominations.  I never truly got into it, although my friend shed some tears so it must have been me.  It tries to end on a hopeful note, but I do feel like it is a little false, knowing the time period and the obstacles Precious faces.  I can only assume the book ends the same way, although I have never read it.  I did like that after leaving the theater with illiteracy on my mind, I saw the following bumper sticker on a car, “Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot read.”
  • I’ve started a shelf shifting project this week in the fiction section of the library.  I do realize that I’m gambling a bit with circulation still continuing, but over the past year, things have just gotten out of sorts.  A few random empty shelves, some with just 5 books and some about to burst at the seams.  Of course, I can’t help but weed while I do it, which helps make room but makes the project take longer.  I enjoy it, though. Staring at the shelves, trying to figure out a good place to break the letters down to the next shelf, trying to decide how many books I want to leave.  While it seems to offend some people when we weed and/or spread books out so there are less per shelf, I’m a big believer in doing it.  First of all, it’s a sneaky way to make the library look like it could use new books, so people don’t think the budget should be cut.  Second, I think it makes things visually easier to find.  Third, we don’t have a good display area in the library, and when I’ve tried to make one, it doesn’t get much traffic.  So I like to use the empty space on the shelves to display books.  It catches the eye, makes the shelves jump out at you, and seems to encourage browsing.

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  1. Jean

    No comment to anything in particular, just want to say I love your Thursday Tidbits. =)

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