New Moon movie review

I went to see New Moon last night.  You should know that I like the Twilight series.  I don’t love it – it has it’s flaws – but it’s fun and addicting.  If I had a dollar for every person I recommended the books to – students and adults, my Christmas shopping would be easier.  I saw Twilight three times in the theater, and bought the DVD.  I thought the first movie was cheesy but fun, and improved on the book by making a lot of the characters, such as Bella’s dad and school friends, a lot more fun and three-dimensional.  While the falling in love between Bella and Edward was fast, I also believed it and could see what they might see in each other.  I’m not a Twitard by any stretch of the imagination, I proudly wear my “And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.” t-shirt, and I’m not on Team Edward or Team Jacob, but I like the books and the first movie a lot – I’m a semi-fan.

I did not like the movie version of New Moon.  First of all, it was slow.  I lost count of how many times I checked my watch.  There was so much dead space where characters just stood around and stared at each other.  (Roger Ebert agrees with me.)  I know that New Moon isn’t the most exciting of the books; a lot of it is Bella being depressed.  Did they really have to duplicate all of that and cut out the few fun things like more of Bella and her bike, Bella being reckless and depressed?

I also really missed the other characters.  Like I said, that was one of the things I thought the first movie did better than the books.  Bella barely interacts with anyone besides Jacob and faux Edward.  I know – Bella = depressed so she’s alone a lot, but the lack of other characters hurts.  This must have been an easy film shoot for everyone else.  Billy is in about 20 seconds of the movie, Bella’s friends barely show up, her dad is never around, and we get a boring English teacher instead of the fun science teacher.  The Cullens could have been cardboard cutouts for most of the movie, since every scene just requires them to stand in the couple formations and stare at Bella.

The special effects were a bit better.  The sparkle still looks hilarious, but it is a little improved, and the running vamps (mainly Victoria) are sooooo much better than Twilight.  The wolves were decent from far away, if a bit too cuddly looking, but more than once they made me think of the wolf in The Neverending Story, and if your 2009 movie wolf makes a viewer think of an 80’s movie, is that good?

Jacob’s wig is better this time, but Jasper’s wig is just as bad.  Alice’s clothes are terrible.  I thought she was supposed to be into fashion, but she’s always draped in all these large billowy things, like an eccentric older lady. Very weird.

The acting was up and down.  Taylor Lautner was okay, but RPattz looks constipated the whole movie.  Michael Welsh is adorable as Mike Newton – I think he’s become my favorite character in the movie version – and Anna Kendrick is just as cute.  Justin Chon made Eric even more gay than he was in the first, which is pretty good considering the lack of screen time he has.  Jackson Rathbone is just as stick-up-his-rear as in the past.  Nikki Reed never fails to make me want to punch her in the face.  Kellan Lutz was cute.  Rachelle Lefevre is gorgeous and incredibly underused.  (I am still very angry that they fired her from the third move.  Bryce Dallas Howard is always so dead in the face, and not as gorgeous.)

I liked the Volturi, they were pretty much how I imagined them to be.  In the books, I did think Jane was one of the main three, so I’m not sure if I read it wrong, or if they put three males on the dias for a reason, but reading a few fan sites makes me think it is my mistake.  Michael Sheen as Aro is perfect.  Marcus cracked me up with his constant boredom of everything.  Meyer mentions is whenever the Volturi show up, and I always found is amusing, and it is played out even better on-screen by Christopher Heyerdahl.  He is in the background most of the time, but I found myself watching him more than the main action on the screen, which might speak volumes about my interest in the main action.

I have no plans to see this again in the theater, and I don’t care to purchase it on DVD.  I will see the third, despite this one and the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard, but I’m not as excited about it as I was to see this one.

On a side note, I went to see what the hilarious Cleolinda had to say about it, and she seems to feel the same way I did about a lot of these points.



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2 responses to “New Moon movie review

  1. I actually really enjoyed New Moon, much more so than Twilight. The movie version of Twilight was super lame, but I still loved it … if you know what I mean. With New Moon, I really thought Lautner brought Jacob to life. (I’m even thinking of switching teams.)

    To me, the flaws with New Moon were similar to the flaws present in Twilight–to name a few: Edward always looks constipated, the glitter (’nuff said), Bella’s constant moodiness, and Jasper with his serial killer face. But for the first time, I actually LIKED Jessica. I thought the camera work was really beautiful. I believed the relationship between Bella and Jacob more than I ever did the movie version of Bella and Edward. The scenes in Italy (at least I think that’s where they were) were gorgeous. And Jacob … swoon.

    Yeah, it was slow. And long. And it did drag on a bit. But I’d watch it again, definitely. And I’ll buy it when it comes out, if nothing other than for the special features.

    (p.s. I’m super pissed about the cast change with Victoria. She was SO well cast, and I think it’s not only disrespectful to Rachelle, but also to fans. And Jane wasn’t one of the main 3–she and her brother and that really strong guy were just the prized minions of the Volturi trifecta.)

  2. I’m going to see this in a couple of hours. Sorry to hear it’s such a disappointment, but your review was fantastic.

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