Another Case of Censorship

Liz at Teacozy has written a great post about another case of censorship within a school.  A teacher was using YA lit in her class and the school superintendent has said she cannot do this.  It is extremely frustrating to hear that the decision was made despite the review board voting in favor of the teacher.  We are always told that the review process is there to protect us,  and to hear that a superintendent can override that process is frustrating and scary.

Whenever the problems of our education system are discussed, talk always turns to the need for great teachers, and how we need to find a way to keep said great teachers in the schools instead of chasing them away.  Studies show that half of  new teachers leave the profession within a few years.  It is situations like this that chase those teachers away – situations where teachers are left feeling unsupported, beaten down.

It sounds like Risha Mullins is a great teacher, and she had other parents and students backing her up.  It is interesting to note that she does not have tenure, which means the superintendent may chase her away himself.



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3 responses to “Another Case of Censorship

    • dogearedandwellread

      That is good to hear. I hope you also encourage him to follow the protocol that has been put in place for situations like this.

  1. Sigh … This is so, so sad to hear. Especially since parents were backing her up!

    Please, people … Don’t scare away good teachers. Our kids need them something desperate.

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