Thursday Tidbits

I can’t believe it is December already!

  • I’m on a few listservs, and while I appreciate the help they can provide, they often provide just as much frustration.  I am glad to learn I’m not alone in this, as Cindy and Lynn feel the same way.
  • Have you seen Things Librarians Fancy? It’s old, and I meant to share it before, and just forgot.  But it is pretty correct!
  • I had no idea that Mo Willems and Jon J. Muth are collaborating on a book – City Dog, Country Frog.  They are two of my favorite children’s book authors!  Mo Willems posted a photo of the cover on his blog and I am in love with that dog! I can’t wait to read it!
  • I’m late to the game, but have you seen Awful Library Books?  I know I weeded the Nov. 16th book from my high school library last year.  I’m sending this blog to anyone who complains about us weeding the library.
  • Red Dog Rising sounds really interesting, and the foreword is written by one of the Mythbusters, but I need to know if the dog dies at the end.  I can’t read books where the dog dies, I’m always left too traumatized.


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  1. Thanks for the link; great round up.

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