Oscar Nominations 2010

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday morning; the full list can be viewed at Oscar.com.  I know it is silly, but I love Oscar season!  I’m not a sports fan, so while others get excited about the Super Bowl or March Madness, I get excited for the Oscars.  I love the silly, way-too-expensive ads, the various “experts” weighing in on the front-runners.  I love the red carpet and how pretty everyone looks while I sit on a couch in my pajamas.  I love the opening of the show and the various montages that are run to remind us how awesome movies can be – how funny, how heartbreaking, how they can take you away from life for 2 hours or cast a spotlight on a real part of life that needs to be noticed.  Sometimes I love the speeches.

I haven’t yet seen as many of the nominated movies as I’d like to since December and January were so overwhelming, but I’m hoping to catch a bunch this month.  For now, I had some reactions already:

  • I think that Meryl was great as Julia Childs, and I imagine the same can be said of Sandra.  But, from my non-actor point of view, I have more respect for the work an actor must put in to creating a new, believable character than an actor who just imitates a real person, particularly when they can meet the real person or use video footage to aid them.  Having that character so close at hand allows the actor to mimic the real person rather than discover the parts that make up a person on his or her own.  I don’t feel this applies to actors playing people from before video, such as Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria.  She may have had paintings to look at, but that reveals nothing about the way a person walks, talks, sits, laughs, cries, or reacts to another person.  I haven’t seen The Young Victoria yet, but I am disappointed that Ms. Blunt was not nominated.
  • Anna Kendrick was wonderful in Up in the Air and I am so glad she is nominated.
  • While I know it won’t win, hurray for Up receiving a best picture nomination!  It better win best animated!
  • Michael Giacchino is nominated for his Up score – this man is talented!  He also does the scores for Lost and Fringe.  Lost in particular consistently has a fantastic score, and Up‘s score was so well done.

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  1. Speaking of awards, I have nominated you for one of your own! The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award. You can look at the post on my blog for more details : )

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