Thursday Tidbits – Including LOST

I had a nice little break in my week yesterday thanks to the snow!  Thursday Tidbits for this week:

  • I was sad to hear J.D. Salinger had passed away last week, and I thought The Onion’s response was great.
  • I am angry that Obama is cutting funding for school libraries from his budget.  He talks about students needing to receive a good education, and they need access to good learning resources for all, and how we need to provide a 21st century learning environment, yet he isn’t funding the one space in the school that can do this for every student, no matter what each teacher is doing in the classroom, no matter what kind of environment the students live in.  The Unquiet Librarian has a fantastic post about why Obama should fund school libraries that is worth reading.
  • My husband and I were watching John Oliver’s new stand-up show on Comedy Central the other night.  Nick Kroll was on as a character, Fabrice Fabrice.  He was hilarious!

Lost on Tuesday night was amazing! Some of my random thoughts:

  • Holy cow – underwater island?  And that was a Dharma shark swimming around down there!
  • It was pretty awesome to have Not-Locke apologize to Ben for Ben having to see him as Smokey.  And to see Ben scared when the Smokey was killing those guys – it’s not often we see Ben so vulnerable.
  • Back before Lost started jumping forward in time and all we ever saw was the past and current island time, I thought that a great way to end the show would be everyone coming home and landing in LA, and Locke back in a wheelchair, just making eye contact with Jack, so I was kind of excited to see that scene sort of created last night.
  • It seems like everyone in the no-crash time is going to have a suckier life than when they crashed.  Granted, things look good now for Hurley and Locke, but I have my doubts.  We’ll see!
  • It was fun to see old characters come back.  Hi Claire, Charlie, Boone, Artz, and Frogurt!  And in the temple, hi Cindy! I was wondering if the 2 kids she had walk in were the same 2 kids taken after the 815 crash.  I’m assuming so.
  • It was weird how things were slightly different on this flight 815: Shannon stayed behind in Australia, the conversation between Rose and Jack was different, Desmond on the flight appearing and disappearing, Hurley thinking he’s lucky, no Michael or Walt in sight (I have a feeling Walt is done with the show).
  • Where the heck is Vincent?
  • So, I’m assuming that what the Others did to Sayid is what they did to Ben as a child. They had said when they helped Ben that he wouldn’t remember things or he’d be changed or something. So I’m wondering if the same will happen to Sayid.
  • Terry O’Quinn was just amazing as the 2 different Lockes.
  • So, when the Others saved Ben as a kid after Sayid shot him, they said he’d be different, and he was but he was still Ben.  So will Sayid still be Sayid, or did Jacob take over Sayid’s body as the Man in Black/Esau took over Locke’s?  My friend Amy pointed out that NotLocke/FLocke/UnLocke/ManInBlackInLocke looks like Locke, but Locke’s dead body is still laying on the beach.  So can Jacob and Man in Black take possession of bodies or just re-create them? And if they can take possession of a human body, would that body still be fragile or would it become indestructible like NotLocke is now, as demonstrated by the bullet bouncing off him in the temple.
  • Thoughts on the two different universes.
  • Side by side comparison of Flight 815 from the pilot and this episode.

Okay, just a couple thoughts I had. I’d love to hear what you thought of Lost!  Comment or post a link to your own blog post with your thoughts.



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2 responses to “Thursday Tidbits – Including LOST

  1. Lost is seriously the best show ever. I have no idea what I’ll replace it with when it’s gone. *cries*

    I’m not sure if you’ve watched the second episode or not so I won’t give my opinions on where I think the show is going but it’s going to be interesting to see who Jacob is posessing or using as a conduit or emulating or whatever it’s going to turn out to be.

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