Photo Friday

My box of books from ALA Midwinter finally arrived!  Hurray!

I’m so glad they arrived before the snow we had this past Wednesday and the Snowmageddon that is supposed to come today.  Between the Oscar movies I need to see and all these books, I have more than enough to keep myself busy.


Random story:

I recently found one of my students looking up the following statement in Google, “when is dec 21, 2012 going to happen.”  I stopped and asked him, “Do you mean what day of the week?”  He replied, “No, I want the date it will happen.”  Really?



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2 responses to “Photo Friday

  1. LOL!

    That is hysterical. Seriously, makes one pause for thought on how the world will survive under that generation doesn’t it?

    Some great books in your pile from ALA. I just finished up Before I Fall and enjoyed it a great deal. I’m super jealous to see Harmonic Feedback in there, I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out. Hope you made some good progress during the snow festivities.

    • dogearedandwellread

      I’m looking forward to reading Harmonic Feedback. I told myself I’d read them in order of release but I don’t think I can hold myself to that!

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