One Week till the Oscars

We are one week away from the Oscars!  I’m excited about them, although less than other years because so many of the races have pretty obvious winners already.  Nevertheless, I love the Oscars. I have been trying to see as many of the movies as possible.  I’m still working on that, hoping to cram a few more in before Sunday.  So far, my favorite movie of 2009 continues to be Up.  I know if does not stand a chance at Best Picture, but if it doesn’t win Best Animated, I’ll be very angry!

Do you like to watch the Oscars?  Are you excited about any of the races this year?



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2 responses to “One Week till the Oscars

  1. I am really looking forward to watch the oscars soon. All the big stars at the red carpet, and really the girls in their skimpy dresses ;). Avatar will be the biggest winner i guess…

  2. I can’t believe how many of the nominees you have seen! That’s so admirable. I watch the Oscars every year. I used to love it more than I do now. I think when I was a kid it was the magic of movies, but now I get impatient with some of the gimmicky acts, the excessive fawning, etc.

    I still love the glamour of the red carpet, but the “hosting” can be tedious. Although, this year’s hosts may be great. Even if I haven’t seen all the nominees, I like to make predictions. Makes the viewing more interesting.

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