Best Short Film – Live Action

I made it to the theatre yesterday to see all 5 live action shorts.  In the interest of time, I won’t recap them, just give my thoughts.  Recaps can be found on the interwebs; Rope of Silicon came up in a search.  IFC also has descriptions.

  • “Kavi” is one of those “important” films making a “statement.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins tonight.  But I was just kind of eh about it.
  • “The New Tenants” was my personal favorite.  I’m sure part of that stems from my love of David Rakoff, who plays one of the two new tenants, but it is a funny, crazy 20 minutes.
  • “Miracle Fish” was good – the end was surprising.
  • “The Door” was sad, but I had a hard time staying interested and I never came to care about the characters. My least favorite of the five.
  • “Instead of Abracadabra” was quirky, cute, but nothing amazingly so.

I’m glad I watched them; I enjoyed the animated shorts a lot more.


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