Are you watching THE PACIFIC?

My husband and I are watching HBO’s The Pacific and I love it so far.  It is a different experience from watching Band of Brothers.  Because I was much more familiar with the European events than I am with the Pacific, there is a stronger element of surprise this time.  I honestly have no memory of ever studying much about the Pacific theater.  Is that a history teacher fail or did it just not stick?

We are three episodes in and I love the balance of war and personal stories.  I have to admit that I fell in love with the character of Bob Leckie immediately, but I would be hard pressed to say if that was due to the actor/character/writing or because I think the actor looks like Matthew Morrison, Mr. Shue on Glee:

James Badge Dale, playing PFC Bob Leckie:

Matthew Morrison, playing Mr. Shue on Glee:

Am I crazy?  Don’t you think they could play brothers?  It is not just the hair, it’s facial, too.  Episode 3 really intensified my love for PFC Bob Leckie.

There are other Pacific actors that I think look like other actors.  One is Josh Bitton, playing Sgt. J.P. Morgan, whom I think looks like a cross between Fred Savage and Jon Favreau:

Anyways, I’m finding myself getting attached to specific characters, whereas in Band of Brothers I loved the whole Easy company.  I say that, though, looking back several years, having watched the series several times now, so I can’t trust myself.  I am loving The Pacific, though, and can’t recommend it enough.


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  1. I’m watching as well and loving it far more than I was anticipating. Like you, I have watched Band of Brothers countless times and in doing so never really walked away with an attachment to a single character. I am really liking Leckie for just the reasons you mention (I also like the combination of personal vs. battle ground focus). Further I’m very interested to see where they go with Eugene once they focus on him a bit more.

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