LOST thoughts 4/8/2010

This week’s episode, “Happily Ever After,” was so good!  I think almost every time it went to commercial break, I clapped my hands in excitement!

What did you think?

I LOVED seeing Charlie again.  I forgot how much I liked Charlie Pace.  I think my favorite characters are: Locke, Vincent, Hurley, Ben, Charlie.  Although I also love Jin, Sun, Desmond, Rose…obviously depends on the day.

Jack looked exhausted in the hospital.  I wonder if the actor was tired, because I don’t remember Jack being that tired after the plane landed.

It’s good to see Eloise WIDMORE, Daniel WIDMORE, and Penny MILTON – WTF?

What exactly was it that made Desmond agree to help Charles Widmore?

BTW, I’ve been reading fan speculation that X is happening on the island because Y is happening in the sideways world at the same time.  (Like, Sun can’t speak English now on the island because Sideways Sun can’t speak English.)  What I don’t understand about these theories is that the worlds aren’t happening at the same time.  Sideways time is right after the original flight landed, back in 2004.  Island world is, I think, 2007, since they’ve been gone for 3 years.  So why would there be synchronicity if the timelines aren’t concurrent.  Any thoughts on this?

Kristen at E’s thoughts and what the heart of the show is about.

Gawker’s thoughts: I like their take on the 3 spirit guides

EW’s Jeff Jensen’s short reaction – I haven’t read the long one yet.

Jezebel found some awesome easter eggs in this episode.


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  1. I have to admit that this season hasn’t been one of the strongest (at least for me). There have been a few episodes I’ve enjoyed but the Locke-centricity of the whole season has been a bit lost on me — no pun intended. This week’s episode brought it all back around for me though. Like you, I enjoyed seeing Charlie and I enjoyed getting the feeling that we might see Desmond’s life come full circle when this is all over.

    I hope the remaining episodes are as strong.

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