11th Anniversary of Columbine

I know I am several days late, but I wanted to point out that this week was the eleventh anniversary of Columbine.  Dave Cullen’s book on that day still haunts me.  If you haven’t read it, you really should – it was one of my top ten from 2009.  My original review can be found here.

The paperback edition was recently published and it contains some things not found in the original hardcover:

  • A 12-page afterword: “Forgiveness.” Vignettes on three victims in very different places eleven years later, and the central role “forgiveness” played in their recovery. Includes startling new revelations about the killers’ parents.
  • Actual journal pages from Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold.
  • Book Club Discussion Questions.
  • Diagram of Columbine High School and environs. (Something I had wished for in my original review – thanks Mr. Cullen!)

A book trailer is available on You Tube, and Mr. Cullen has a great web site of his own.  Take time to read the book, and take time to give thoughts and prayers to those affected by that day.


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  1. You are very nice to publish that. Thanks.

    I sure appreciate the bloggers like you who have helped spread the word.


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