Where Has Dog-eared Gone Wednesday?

Oh, beloved blog, how I have missed you!  I must apologize to my blog and to any readers I might have. (Anyone? Bueller?)  April, May, and June have been ridiculously busy: work, YALSA committee stuff, personal things, house projects, life in general.  Something had to fall by the wayside and it has been my blog.  (Better my blog than my husband, dog, or job, right?)  I also have barely read anything.  Some weeks I finish Sunday’s paper on the following Saturday.  My magazines are backing up.  I have given up on much of my TBR pile.

There are many beautiful things in the world.  One of the most amazing are fireflies.  I spent the past 10 minutes just sitting here on my deck, watching the fireflies rise from the lawn.  There are so many!  Late they will be up in the tears, looking like summer’s answer to Christmas lights.

Anyways, back to my blog!  School ends this week, and while I am working part of summer school, I will have no excuse to not get back to blogging!  So stay tuned for review catch-ups!  I’ll also share my ALA schedule in case any readers will also be at Annual! I can’t believe that is next week!



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2 responses to “Where Has Dog-eared Gone Wednesday?

  1. We’re still here! The beauty of the RSS. And believe me, I’m the LAST person to judge about blog neglect 😉

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to ALA 🙂

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