Thursday Tidbits 7/8/2010

The past week has been a blur, between the Fourth of July (which involved a couple different gatherings), working summer school, and some personal stuff that has kept me busy.  (Nothing bad, just busy.)  My sleep has also been terrible; many nights of 3 – 4 hours, no naps during the day.  I am tired all day, yet come night, I can’t sleep.  So I have not accomplished as much as I had hoped this week.  This has also resulted in not finding as many awesome things on the internet to share!  I just have one:

Eclipse with lolcats!

If you’ve never seen the rest of the lolcats on Pop Suede, they are worth checking out.

In other news, I received my seat assignment for the David Gray concert I am attending next month – front row!  I am so excited!


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