Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel; read in July, 2010.  Copy provided by St. Martin’s Press for review.

Rebecca Maizel begins her new series with Infinite Days.  The novel opens on Lenah Beaudonte, beginning to panic when she wakes up and realizes she is lying naked in the sunlight, expecting to burst in to flames.  She soon learns that despite the past five centuries that she has spent as a vampire, her life has been changed; she is now human again, thanks to the selfless sacrifice made by her soul mate.  He took her away from her coven to allow her to build a new life.

She is now enrolled in a boarding school and begins to experience life as a “normal” 16-year-old.  Of course, normal is not really what she is, as she still possesses some of her vampire senses, and she cannot quite bring herself to feel safe in the sun.  Lenah becomes friends with an artist, Tony, and develops feelings for the golden-boy, Justin, who is the antithesis of the vampires she spent centuries with.  Yet, she knows the coven she created is out in the world and will track her down eventually – they need their queen.  How long can she live this human life when she knows her vampire past won’t rest until it finds her?

I really enjoyed this page-turning read.  It is a refreshing take on vampires.  So often, vampires are glamorized and romanticized; but Maizel depicts them as tortured creatures who yearn to be made human again – to feel again.  Lenah is a very interesting character.  She might take a bit to win you over, but it is because she is realistic and believable.  I loved her friend Tony – he was my favorite in the book.  I have to admit, I was never completely sold on Justin; he was too perfect and didn’t have much depth.  The glimpses the reader is given of the characters that make up Lenah’s coven are intriguing.  I look forward to getting to know all the characters further in the sequel.

While the YA vampire market is over saturated at this point, Infinite Days rises to the top and is worth reading.  The cover is extremely attractive and does not set up a false expectation for the story it contains.  I look forward to seeing this devoured by the fantasy fans in my high school library this fall.

Rebecca Maizel has a blog, and there is a GREAT trailer on You Tube for Infinite Days.

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2 responses to “Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

  1. I loved this book — pretty much for all the reasons you’ve listed. I liked that reverse take on vampirism and I’m very much looking forward to the next in the series. It’s set up to be quite interesting I think.

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