Photo Friday 7/23/2010

Tuesday, I came home from work to a sick husband.

By 8 pm, his temp was 102.8.

At 8:30 pm, we heard a loud thump.

We ran into our front room to discover leaves in front of the window.

Because this had happened:

With the help of some wonderful neighbors, we got the tree limb off the house.

Wednesday, I came home from work to find my husband breaking out in red spots.

A trip to the doctor confirmed my suspicion: chicken pox.

He somehow managed to avoid them as a child.

I still had lots of tree debris to clean up.

My week has been monopolized by a tree limb and the pox.  Which is why there has been a lack of posts since Monday.  I’m hoping to have some time to catch up with me-stuff this weekend while the patient convalesces.  As much as he can, at least, since adult males often suffer the most from chicken pox.  (And not in that men-are-babies-when-sick but really actually sick.)



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2 responses to “Photo Friday 7/23/2010

  1. OMG!! I hope there wasn’t serious damage to the house. That looks awful 😦 Also glad no one was hurt.

    Hope your husband is on the mend now, oh, and that you’ve had the chicken pox already. That would be a kick in the pants if after all this you got them too.

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