Back to School

I report back to work today.  The students don’t start until the day after Labor Day (thanks to what many call the Kings Dominion law, and I’ll reserve my opinion on that for another time) and teachers aren’t back until August 30th.  Our county contracts the library staff to start a week and 1/2 before the faculty to give us time to get the library ready since so much of that teacher week is taken up with meetings and things.  I really appreciate that our county does this since it does mean they start paying us a week and 1/2 early, but the time is enormously helpful in getting new books ready for the students and staff, getting organized, putting in orders, etc.  I also have to admit that starting with a half week helps ease back in to the work routine after the summer.

I’m excited to be going back for a new school year.  I’m not sure what the year has in store for us with a new principal in place.  He’s been an assistant principal for a few years so we know him, but a new principal is still a new principal, so I know some things will change.  This is my fourth year, which means the students who started in our school when I started will be graduating this year.  There is something exciting about being seeing my first freshmen go through their capstone year.

It’s been a busy summer, though, and I don’t really feel rested and refreshed.  It’s also going to be a busy school year.  I’m attending the YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium, ALA Midwinter, and ALA Annual.  I’ll be turning 35 next month.  We have a wonderful wedding to attend in Syracuse in October.  My mom is scheduled for surgery in December.  We hope to get a new dog.  My husband hopes to move forward on more house projects.  I am on 3 YALSA committees.  Just thinking about it all makes my head spin a bit, but I’ll take it all one day at a time.

For today, it’s my first day back.  I’ll pull out my favorite pens, set my computer up, water the library plants, and go from there.


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  1. Hope that the beginning of the work schedule went well. You are definitely busy!

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