Thursday Tidbits 9/9/2010

The beginning of school is always a whirlwind.  September and October are also always a busy time personally: my birthday, our anniversary, birthdays of my mom, dad, and sister, my favorite season, the Maryland Renaissance Festival, two other family wedding anniversaries…and someone else always seems to be getting married in the fall.  This year, it is my dear, imaginary friend Lisa, and I can’t wait for her wedding!

My blogging and reading have both been slow due to all my life happenings.  I look at what I have read over the past few months and the pile is way too low.  I’d love another snow-filled winter so I can hunker down and stick my nose in some books.

For now, a few things that MUST be shared:

  • I’ve linked to the trailer in the past, but now you can view the whole short film, “Mary Anne Goes to the Market” online.  Jason did an awesome job writing and acting in this, and you really must take 10 minutes to watch it.  Especially if you are having a bad day – it is a mood lifter!  I am so proud of our Whis-kid.
  • This past Friday morning, my husband and I had the local news on to see what Hurricane Earl was up to.  We were fortunate enough to be watching when the on-the-scene-weather-guy was joined on the beach by two guys that I can only assume are drunk as skunks.  A brief bit of comedy ensued and we laughed and laughed, rewinding it to watch it over again.  My husband wisely grabbed my phone and videoed the segment to save it for posterity on You Tube.  You must turn up your volume (because the two gentlemen announce their arrival before appearing on camera) and watch the first 30 seconds of “Hewwl Yeah!”

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