We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction by Nic Sheff

We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction by Nic Sheff; read in November, 2010. Copy provided by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers via NetGalley. To be published in April, 2011.

I don’t think a day goes by that my blog doesn’t get at least one hit thanks to a search phrase of “Nic Sheff update” or “Nic Sheff relapse.” I originally posted my thoughts on Tweak and then mentioned a CNN article talking about Nic’s relapse, which is what brings people here. Tweak continues to be a book I cannot keep on the library shelves, although some of that has been due to theft. I take that to mean kids want it even more. I was happy to hear Nic Sheff has another memoir coming out; one reason being an update in his own voice, and another because it means he must be sober more often than not to accomplish a second book. When I saw it was available on NetGalley, I had to read it.

We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction covers a period of time in Nic’s life when he entered rehab after Tweak ended.  He is in and out of a couple different programs, and has episodes of relapse. He talks about working on a book, which I assume to be Tweak, and then touring with his dad to promote it. Like Tweak, it is not an easy, happy book to read, but Nic’s story is powerful and really puts the reader in his mind. I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for all involved: Nic, his family, his friends, his fellow addicts. Again, like Tweak, it is written in a conversational tone. It doesn’t make the book feel like “quality literature” but I think many readers will value Nic’s honesty and voice over anything else.

I would recommend that Tweak be read before reading We All Fall Down. It could be read on its own, but I think Nic’s story is more powerful if you know his background struggles of addiction and relationship drama. When he crosses paths with Zelda late in the book, I don’t think the reader can grasp Nic’s growth without knowing their story.

We All Fall Down is a memoir that I could not put down, and I really value Nic’s update. I continue to wish the best for him and hope we hear more from Nic himself in the future. I’ll definitely be adding several copies of this to my high school library.



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17 responses to “We All Fall Down: Living With Addiction by Nic Sheff

  1. mkpf

    Just finished reading Beautiful Boy by David Sheff. Wow. AMAZING. Heartbreaking, but amazing. A must read!

  2. Courtney

    Oh, my god. Im so excited, i can hardly contain myself!
    Im a huuge fan of Nic. I read his book Tweak the same month it came out and I have been waiting ever since for ANYTHING else by him. I can’t believe he has another book. I want to cry! Im soo pumped.

  3. Nicole

    Is it going to be published in bookstores and not just online/e-readers?Because if so I’m super duper pumped!lol

  4. Andrea

    Just finished Tweak. I have also read Beautiful Boy. Both of these books were amazing. Stay strong Nic. Lean on all those you have touched by your story. I look forward to hearing good things from in the future!

  5. Aggie

    The only books I enjoy reading are those of non-fiction. I was at Barnes and Noble and had two books in hand, one of which was Tweak. I put the other down and purchased Tweak. It was hard to read about all the struggling Nic went through, I felt as if I knew him. I cannot WAIT to read Beautiful Boy! Which I will be purchasing ASAP. I would absolutely love to chat with this AMAZING person. Nic , hello ! I f you happen to read this post contact me if you wish. I will check back periodically waiting to hear a reply.

  6. gins

    Just read Tweak, I could not put it down. This is a remarkable book. My heart goes out to Nic and his family. It took so much to write this and helps so many because you did!!

  7. Janet

    do you know how long nic’s tour will last for his second book?

  8. Julie

    I am a mother of a son who is currently in rehab for the third time. I read Tweak and found that it was very helpful to me in understanding what my son is going through. It was also very sad and depressing because I believe that it is a lifelong disease that you are always struggling with. I just got back from visiting my son, and he seems to be doing Great! He is the light of my life and we have been through so much, but I have hope that he will do something Great with his life.

  9. Demetra Vassos

    I loved both Tweak and We All Fall Down. Been through almost the same exact things,and, ironically,writing has usually been the only thing to really help.

  10. Alexandra Merrill

    I LOVED Tweak and We all fall down. I have also ready his dads book beautiful boy. LOVED IT !!! They are both inspirational men and i hope to meet them someday!!!!



  12. u

    Im a recovering meth addict and huge fan of nic and david sheff. Their work gives insight to a way of life that is hard for outsiders to even grasp. Not to mention support for those of us living with this disease in knowing we are never alone in out struggle. Thank you

  13. Anonymous

    I am living this story with my wonderful, fragile 22 year old son whom is a herion addict.
    It was always my dream for my boys to have a great healthy life, I do not know what happend to end the dream or even what tomorrow brings. I just hope and pray he will make it one more night, that he will find his way home.That he feels the love I have for him despite all we have been through.
    Its been a long struggle that started 5 years ago in and out of rehab… and I feel incredibly alone.

  14. Nick

    He’s just a another lost kid who is afraid to grow up. He needs some serious help before he ends up like a hundred other celebrities. I wish him the best.

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