Photo Friday 1/21/2011

I was looking back over my blog and realized I hadn’t done a Photo Friday since August! Way to be a slacker, Carrie! I know I was running low on blogging time, but sheesh! It doesn’t take long to post a picture!

The photo I am sharing today does contain a very bad word. I’m putting it behind a cut because of that. Please do not click through unless you are over the age of 18 AND not easily offended by bad language.

This is a bookmark a friend cross stitched for me several years ago. I never used it for fear of losing it, so I came up with the idea of framing it and hanging it on the door to my home library.

I love it! Especially on cranky days.



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3 responses to “Photo Friday 1/21/2011

  1. OMG That’s awesome! I need that on a t-shirt to stop the Interupters.

  2. Love it! I need a friend to embroider one for me that’s just like it!

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