Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown. Published by Little, Brown. Read in April, 2011. ARC provided by publisher at ALA Midwinter.

A Fast Five View:

1. I have to admit that I didn’t like Bitter End as much as Hate List (here is my Hate List review). Having said that, I loved Hate List so much, I can’t imagine how Ms. Brown could have topped it. Bitter End is a really great book.

2. Jennifer Brown has a talent for depicting the inner conflict and emotions of teens.

3. It is so easy to see how Alex falls in love with Cole, and how special he makes her feel.

4. So often, when the topic of abuse within a romantic relationship is discussed, people say, “I don’t know how she/he puts up with it. If it were me, I’d be out of there immediately.” Ms. Brown has crafted a realistic example of how the abuse slowly boils and how the abused find reasons to stay. Very well done.

5. I think this book will do well in so many different hands. A reader experiencing abuse will find a mirror in the pages. Readers who know someone going through abuse will find solace. Readers who do not understand the cycle of abuse will gain knowledge, understanding, and sympathy within Bitter End.



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