Pop Culture Break-Ups

While I love my television shows, sometimes I have to say enough is enough. Here are three shows I have broken up with:

1. Glee – They slowly ruined every character I loved. The music was becoming less enjoyable; the first season seemed to try to have a variety of genres in each episode. Recently, they became too focused on current songs and themed/tribute episodes. After Mr. Shu said Finn taught him how to be a man, I washed my hands of it.

2. Ringer – I wanted to like it, and I tried. But I found myself just not caring about any of the characters or the plot direction. Considering how hooked I have been on Revenge since episode 1, I decided not to waste my time.

3. Alcatraz Lost connections had me so excited, but I fell asleep during episode 1 – and i wasn’t even tired! I let several episode pile up on my DVR and then just deleted them. I could not get motivated to make the time to watch.



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2 responses to “Pop Culture Break-Ups

  1. Ben

    But you still love Community, right?

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