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Hello Again and a Photo Friday

Geez, my poor blog definitely suffers when life gets busy. I haven’t even posted my list of favorite books from 2011! I’m really going to try to catch up on some reviews over the next two months. I’ve read some fantastic books that I want to share, like The FitzOsbornes At War by Michelle Cooper and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

It will be a busy summer. I just began my official term as YALSA’s Board Fellow. I’m spending time reading through board documents and learning the ropes. I am taking a class through Longwood University called “The Joy of Reading.” I will be attending Longwood’s Summer Literacy Institute; guests will include Kelly Gallagher, Maggie Stiefvater, and Kathryn Erskine. A few days later, I will also be attending VAASL’s Breathing Fresh AIR: Assesment, Inquiry, and Rigor with Kristin Fontichiaro. Are you attending any of these things? Let me know!

Somewhere in there, I hope to visit my parents and I have a beach trip planned. The beach will be much-needed after all this professional development!

We also had this happen in our master bath:

We realized how poorly the whole room was put together, so now we are re-doing the whole bathroom. Thank goodness – I’ve never liked that grey and maroon tile.

As I said, it’ll be a busy summer – and I go back to work in a little over a month! But I hope to catch up on some blogging and reading.


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Photo Friday 8/19/2011

While I have had several work obligations this week, Monday is when I go back full-time. In honor of my last day of summer break, here is a quiet reminder of relaxing during the off-hours.

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Photo Friday 8/5/2011

In July, I visited my friend Jenn in NYC for a weekend. Among other things, we visited the Harry Potter Exhibition. If you are a fan of the movies, it is well done and worth seeing.

My favorite part? I picked up a Time-Turner for myself!

Yes, the sand really moves. As of right now, it doesn’t actually turn time. But, being a Muggle, it’s possible I just don’t know how to harness it.

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Photo Friday 7/29/2011

Because I love rain, I have a fondness for photos that focus on a raindrop coated window with a flurry setting behind it. For example, this picture of Moscow.

In New Orleans, where it rained every afternoon, I took several pictures like this, this being my favorite:

While nothing identifies it as New Orleans, I know it is.


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Photo Friday 1/21/2011

I was looking back over my blog and realized I hadn’t done a Photo Friday since August! Way to be a slacker, Carrie! I know I was running low on blogging time, but sheesh! It doesn’t take long to post a picture!

The photo I am sharing today does contain a very bad word. I’m putting it behind a cut because of that. Please do not click through unless you are over the age of 18 AND not easily offended by bad language.

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Photo Friday 8/20/2010

One of my husband’s aunts lives on a river outside of Baltimore.  Besides being a truly wonderful, loving person, she and her husband have created a beautiful home.  It’s a small house, but full of love; I always feel so welcome there.  We had our wedding and reception in their backyard. I really love their house.  This past weekend, we went up to visit and eat some steamed crabs (so delicious!).  I spent a few minutes on their dock, soaking in the evening and taking some pictures with my cell camera.

I wish this picture was in a higher resolution.  I took it with the Vignette Demo photo app on my phone.  I need to buy the paid version since that takes higher res pictures. I absolutely love this shot and would frame it if it was high res.


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Photo Friday 8/13/10

Our friend Mikee, who was last seen on this blog modeling his Transformer’s costume, decided to gift a friend with a specific style of ice luge, and my husband helped him build it this past weekend:

How cool is that?

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