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Infinite Jest update

I have to admit, I’m not doing well with Infinite Summer. I stalled out over a month ago around page 300, and didn’t pick it up for several weeks until I was due to have drinks with a couple friends to talk about it. The day before, I jumped back in and caught up to page 526, skimming several chunks of pages. I do plan to finish it some day, but it won’t be in time for the end of Infinite Summer, and I won’t be able to do it without skimming more pages. I recognize the talent of David Foster Wallace, and I enjoy the story he has put together, but I lose patience with parts of the book. The conversations between Marathe and Steeply put me to sleep. The long descriptive parts try my patience, such as when Gately drives around Boston. Maybe I’d have more patience for these things in a shorter book, or one with less characters, but I have no desire to plow through these sections when I’d rather read more about Hal and all the addicts. I know all these sections have a purpose, and I will probably miss out on large important things by the time I get to the end, but I just can’t do it.

So, we’ll see when I finish. It’s Labor Day, and I’d rather not spend it laboring away at this book when I could be enjoying others.


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Infinite Jest Page 95


I am right on schedule with Infinite Summer, reaching page 95 today in Infinite Jest. So far, I’m enjoying it. There have been some paragraphs where I kind of let my mind wander, or let my eyes skim. I am hoping I haven’t missed anything important, but one of the writers over at IS said you never can catch everything on the first read through anyway. I am particularly interested in the characters of Hal and Katherine Ann Gompert, and this mysterious cartridge. DFW introduces a lot of characters and story lines, which I can only assume will eventually start to merge together. I’m very glad to have IS to remind me of who different characters are, and the forums for any questions. I haven’t posted there yet, just lurked, but they are beneficial.

Thus far, I have been able to balance IJ with other books – reading it in chunks for an hour or so, and then reading the “lighter” YA lit I so love the rest of the time. (I put lighter in quotes since YA lit is not always a light subject matter, it just tends to be light in terms of physical book weight, pace, and vocab.) I’m currently reading Susane Colasanti’s Take Me There which I will review eventually, but will say right now that I have had mixed feelings about.

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Odds and Ends to Kick Off Summer

My summer break officially began today. I’ve gotten very behind in posting but now that summer is here, I should catch up in no time! I’ll start off today with some short notes:

  • I did see Up in 3D and it is fantastic! I highly recommend it for everyone. The dog, Dug, is my favorite part, but I might be biased since he reminded me of my dog (up in the masthead). The short story of Carl’s marriage at the beginning is beautiful. Bring tissues – I was crying halfway through it. The movie is about among other things, learning to move on, and be loved, and how you can have fun no matter where you are if you are with people you love, which is a lesson I think a lot of people can always stand to re-learn. Up is funny and heartwarming and made me cry a few times. It’s the best movie I have seen this year and I will be awfully sad if it isn’t a contender for Best Picture, despite the fact that it’s an animated film. Definitely one of my favorite Pixar movies.
  • Reading Challenge current standings: I finished the 2009 YA Challenge, and have read 6 of the 11 books needed for the V. C. Andrews challenge. This Sunday starts Infinite Summer, which I guess could be classified as a reading challenge. I’m hoping that I can keep up with the page deadlines for it and still read other stuff along the way, but we’ll see how that goes.
  • My summer TBR pile is growing and growing. I brought home a stack of books from school to catch up on, along with a huge stack of professional journals that I got behind on this year. I already have a stack of books checked out from the public library. I made a list off the top of my head of what I actually want to read, and it’s already a page long! Between this list and Infinite Jest, and other projects in my non-reading life, I guess it’s going to be a busy 2 months!

Regular posting should resume in the next day or so. I have posts coming on The 19th Wife, Handle With Care, The School for Dangerous Girls, and Same Difference.

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