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Thursday Tidbits

Today is my 1 year blogiversary!  Happy birthday, little blog!  Just a couple tidbits for today:

  • Puppy cam is back! The famous shiba inu who had her puppy cam once before has given birth to another litter.  Puppies always brighten a day!
  • I have long been a fan of Joshua Jackson, and I don’t hide it.  He’s my TV boyfriend.  Here is an awesome older interview (about a year old).  He talks about Fringe and buying his childhood home.  My favorite part is when he talks about slipping and calling himself Pacey on Fringe.
  • There are some exciting YA books due out this year!
  • February 2nd is less than a week away!  That day will bring the Oscar nominations and the final season of LOST! So exciting!
  • I sent home 3 packages from ALA Midwinter: 1 poster tube, 1 small package of books and 1 large box of books.  Both the poster tube and small package arrived last week, but my box is still MIA.  I am worried all those books will never arrive! I didn’t insure it or get a tracking number, unfortunately.
  • There was a great blog blitz of bloggers putting forth unsung YA lit and it is worth checking out.  I was glad to see some great titles on many lists!

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Is there anyone more charming?

Josh Jackson was on Attack of the Show and they have posted the interview online.  I’d be hard pressed to come up with someone more charming than Josh.  My friend Jenn saw him at the Paley fest (I think?) and admitted that he is very charming.  I’ve been a Josh fan since episode 1 of DC and it’s great to have him back on my TV on a weekly basis.

I am so excited that Fringe returns tonight!  I hate that it’s been moved to Thursdays.  I still watch it there but I think a lot of people gave it up for other Thursday night TV.

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