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Thursday Tidbits 7/1/2010

I’m back from ALA and I think I have recovered! It was a great conference and I will write about it in the coming week. For now, to ease back in to the blogging habit, I thought I would do my old Thursday Tidbits to share stuff I am loving right now.

  • Are you watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Discovery’s Planet Green?  I am loving this show so much.  Two NYC guys who have been together for 10 years buy a farm out in the country.  They grow vegetables and care for 80 goats, some pigs and chickens, and one awesome llama named Polka Spot, with lots of help from Farmer John.  They also make and sell soap from their goat milk.  One of the guys, Josh, still maintains a job in NYC so he commutes every week, leaving Brent to work full-time at the farm.  The editing, of course, really plays up the fights and drama, but you can tell Brent and John love each other and the life they have built.  My favorite thing is that they have a goat cam in their barn, so you can go online to watch the goats (and Polka Spot!) whenever you want.  I admit to pretty much having it open on a browser tab at all times.  Goats are awesome.
  • BP’s Coffee Spill – very funny!  Less funny: an oil-soaked wave.
  • If you didn’t follow Jamie’s Seventeen Magazine Project while she was doing it, it is worth going back and reading her blog about it, and what she has done since.  The next time someone complains that all teens are getting less intelligent, show them this.
  • Why LOST fans should start watching Fringe, if they are not already.
  • A blind fox becomes a foster dad – very moving.
  • I embrace this 100% – Why I’ll Never Be an Adult (strong language, FYI).

That’s it for today.  Coming soon: ALA-related posts and pictures, MANY book thoughts, and why you should get your library involved with Wrestlemania this year!


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Thursday Tidbits 4/15/2010

Happy National Library week, and happy tax day!  Today is the last day to ask your Congressperson to support libraries – ALA makes it so easy for you!  Go send your email now!

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Sassy flashback

If you are female and grew up in the last 1980s – early 1990s, chances are you were a Sassy girl. Sassy was The. Best. Teen magazine – EVER. (Except for the later years when Jane Pratt sold it and went and tried to re-create Sassy under a new title – Jane – while a big magazine company sullied the name of Sassy until it folded, but we won’t speak of such sad times.) Sassy was honest about your looks, sex and sexuality, fashion, and refused to toe the line. Sassy wanted girls to be educated and involved, and speak out for things that mattered to them. I actually wonder if I would have turned out differently if I hadn’t started reading Sassy; it was responsible for opening my eyes to so many things. I mourn the loss of the box I had saved all my issues in that disappeared when my parents moved. I had every issue going back to the premiere issue that I had somehow received in the mail from some other subscription or mailing list. I remember sitting in my driveway the afternoon it came and devouring every page. I felt like I was being given a window into the cool girls club, only these weren’t the cool girls I went to high school with, these were the cool girls who didn’t care what other people thought of them.

Anyways, enough about my own love for Sassy. While Jane Pratt was the editor and face of Sassy, I remember having a lot of love for the other ladies on staff. (That was another thing I loved about it – when I read Seventeen or YM, I never got to know the people behind the print, but Sassy gave each person an identity in the magazine.) Two of my favorites were Christina Kelly and Karen Catchpole. Christina Kelly gave an interview to I Heart Daily about the cover shoot Sassy did of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. It’s worth checking out if you are/were a fan of Sassy or Kurt or Courtney

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