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Pop Culture Break-Ups

While I love my television shows, sometimes I have to say enough is enough. Here are three shows I have broken up with:

1. Glee – They slowly ruined every character I loved. The music was becoming less enjoyable; the first season seemed to try to have a variety of genres in each episode. Recently, they became too focused on current songs and themed/tribute episodes. After Mr. Shu said Finn taught him how to be a man, I washed my hands of it.

2. Ringer – I wanted to like it, and I tried. But I found myself just not caring about any of the characters or the plot direction. Considering how hooked I have been on Revenge since episode 1, I decided not to waste my time.

3. Alcatraz Lost connections had me so excited, but I fell asleep during episode 1 – and i wasn’t even tired! I let several episode pile up on my DVR and then just deleted them. I could not get motivated to make the time to watch.



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Thursday Tidbits 7/15/2010


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Thursday Tidbits 7/1/2010

I’m back from ALA and I think I have recovered! It was a great conference and I will write about it in the coming week. For now, to ease back in to the blogging habit, I thought I would do my old Thursday Tidbits to share stuff I am loving right now.

  • Are you watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Discovery’s Planet Green?  I am loving this show so much.  Two NYC guys who have been together for 10 years buy a farm out in the country.  They grow vegetables and care for 80 goats, some pigs and chickens, and one awesome llama named Polka Spot, with lots of help from Farmer John.  They also make and sell soap from their goat milk.  One of the guys, Josh, still maintains a job in NYC so he commutes every week, leaving Brent to work full-time at the farm.  The editing, of course, really plays up the fights and drama, but you can tell Brent and John love each other and the life they have built.  My favorite thing is that they have a goat cam in their barn, so you can go online to watch the goats (and Polka Spot!) whenever you want.  I admit to pretty much having it open on a browser tab at all times.  Goats are awesome.
  • BP’s Coffee Spill – very funny!  Less funny: an oil-soaked wave.
  • If you didn’t follow Jamie’s Seventeen Magazine Project while she was doing it, it is worth going back and reading her blog about it, and what she has done since.  The next time someone complains that all teens are getting less intelligent, show them this.
  • Why LOST fans should start watching Fringe, if they are not already.
  • A blind fox becomes a foster dad – very moving.
  • I embrace this 100% – Why I’ll Never Be an Adult (strong language, FYI).

That’s it for today.  Coming soon: ALA-related posts and pictures, MANY book thoughts, and why you should get your library involved with Wrestlemania this year!

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LOST thoughts 4/8/2010

This week’s episode, “Happily Ever After,” was so good!  I think almost every time it went to commercial break, I clapped my hands in excitement!

What did you think?

I LOVED seeing Charlie again.  I forgot how much I liked Charlie Pace.  I think my favorite characters are: Locke, Vincent, Hurley, Ben, Charlie.  Although I also love Jin, Sun, Desmond, Rose…obviously depends on the day.

Jack looked exhausted in the hospital.  I wonder if the actor was tired, because I don’t remember Jack being that tired after the plane landed.

It’s good to see Eloise WIDMORE, Daniel WIDMORE, and Penny MILTON – WTF?

What exactly was it that made Desmond agree to help Charles Widmore?

BTW, I’ve been reading fan speculation that X is happening on the island because Y is happening in the sideways world at the same time.  (Like, Sun can’t speak English now on the island because Sideways Sun can’t speak English.)  What I don’t understand about these theories is that the worlds aren’t happening at the same time.  Sideways time is right after the original flight landed, back in 2004.  Island world is, I think, 2007, since they’ve been gone for 3 years.  So why would there be synchronicity if the timelines aren’t concurrent.  Any thoughts on this?

Kristen at E’s thoughts and what the heart of the show is about.

Gawker’s thoughts: I like their take on the 3 spirit guides

EW’s Jeff Jensen’s short reaction – I haven’t read the long one yet.

Jezebel found some awesome easter eggs in this episode.

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Thursday Tidbits 4/8/10


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Are you watching THE PACIFIC?

My husband and I are watching HBO’s The Pacific and I love it so far.  It is a different experience from watching Band of Brothers.  Because I was much more familiar with the European events than I am with the Pacific, there is a stronger element of surprise this time.  I honestly have no memory of ever studying much about the Pacific theater.  Is that a history teacher fail or did it just not stick?

We are three episodes in and I love the balance of war and personal stories.  I have to admit that I fell in love with the character of Bob Leckie immediately, but I would be hard pressed to say if that was due to the actor/character/writing or because I think the actor looks like Matthew Morrison, Mr. Shue on Glee:

James Badge Dale, playing PFC Bob Leckie:

Matthew Morrison, playing Mr. Shue on Glee:

Am I crazy?  Don’t you think they could play brothers?  It is not just the hair, it’s facial, too.  Episode 3 really intensified my love for PFC Bob Leckie.

There are other Pacific actors that I think look like other actors.  One is Josh Bitton, playing Sgt. J.P. Morgan, whom I think looks like a cross between Fred Savage and Jon Favreau:

Anyways, I’m finding myself getting attached to specific characters, whereas in Band of Brothers I loved the whole Easy company.  I say that, though, looking back several years, having watched the series several times now, so I can’t trust myself.  I am loving The Pacific, though, and can’t recommend it enough.

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Best Short Film – Animated

Let’s continue with Oscar posts and make this Oscar week!

At this point, the one category in which I have seen all nominees is Best Animated Short.

Surprisingly, the weakest nominee, in my opinion, is the Wallace and Gromit short, “A Matter of Loaf and Death.”  It is cute, but usual Wallace and Gromit – nothing new.  I predicted how the plot was going to play out within the first few minutes.  Predictable plots are okay for cartoons aimed at kids, but not Oscar winners.

“French Roast” was funny and clever, although not enough has stuck with me to really say more than that.

“The Lady and the Reaper” was great.  It reminded me of an old Bugs Bunny cartoon with the music, the bosomy nurses, strong-chinned doctor, squinty old lady, and hooded Death.  The reaper and the doctor fight over the end of the old lady’s life – Death pulling her into the light, only to have the doctor yank her back.  Not my favorite, but definitely a lot of fun, with great music.

“Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty” was my personal favorite as far as what tickled my fancy.  Granny terrorizes her grandkid with bedtime fairy tales.  The animation is fun, and I enjoyed the dark humor.  It is from Ireland, which also might make me a little biased towards it.

“Logorama” is the final short and right now I think it is the contender for the Oscar.  (This is based solely on my opinion of the shorts, not on any buzz I have read.)  “Logorama” is set in a world built completely out of company logos.  Buildings, cars, even the people are crafted out of well-known images: the AOL man, the Pringles guy, Best Buy, McDonald’s.  I don’t want to explain the plot because it’s great to just let it unfold.  I have read on-line where people don’t understand how the creators got away with the use of so many logos, but I think this falls under Fair Use.  I can only imagine the licensing fees involving in that amount of logos would probably equal Avatar‘s budget.

If you can take the time to watch these shorts, I think it is worth it.  As I shared before, some of these are available on-line.  “A Matter of Loaf and Death” is available through Netflix (DVD only, not on Watch it Now), and some theatres are carrying all the shorts together as a feature.  In the past, iTunes has offered them for purchase, but so far I haven’t seen them on there.  I am hoping to see the live shorts at my local indie theatre before the Oscars on Sunday.

Have you seen any of these?  What are your thoughts?

Coming tomorrow, my thoughts on Best Documentary, based on the three out of five I have seen!

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